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We have learnt that an entity https://seyboldreport.net calls itself operating from California and its IP address is located in India. It has copied the content from https://seyboldreport.org (Seybold Report) word by word and promotes itself.

At the same time is seen that the site is also operated from Malaysian IP address for marketing purposes and receiving Emails.

This is purely a Predatory / fake and cloned journal

Emails originating from info@seyboldreport.net are fraudulent. These emails are from fake website that could include a request to submit articles and promise to publish.

If you receive such an email, please do call Dr. Christopher, Publication Head, Seybold Publications at +1 (323) 677-0676 or WhatsApp.

We are taking steps to BLACKLIST https://seyboldreport.net at the earliest possible time.

At Seybold Report, we want to help all our authors to stay safe when publishing. We are aware that there are a number of scams in operation which seek to fraudulently obtain money from authors. Typically these schemes take the form of emails / advertisements, purporting to be from a journal’s editorial office, asking the author(s) to pay a fee. Often this request is made at the same time as announcing that the paper has been accepted for publication even though, in reality, it is still in the editorial review workflow.

All legitimate emails from Seybold Report requesting payment will come from an “editor@seyboldreport.org” address. Therefore, please delete anything that claims to come from Seybold Report but does not come from such an address.

Ignore all emails coming from free email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.

While less common, it is possible to write a fraudulent email containing the "@seyboldreport.org" address. Sometimes these fraudulent emails also contain the true contact info of an Elsevier employee in the "signature" section of the message. Please be sure to keep in mind the other points in this article when responding to emails.

All payments are to be routed only through our Official Online Payment Partner – PayPal and Razorpay. Our Official Licensor has been instrumental for creating a smooth transfer of funds keeping the Author at ease.

Dr. Thomas Timothy
Publisher, Seybold Publications