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Vol 18, No 10 ( 2023 )   |  DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.10078316   |   Author Affiliation: Bachelor of Science (Statistics), Master of Science (Statistics), Master of Philosophy (Statistics) Gujarat University, Master of Science (Information Systems) Strayer University (U.S.A.).   |   Licensing: CC 4.0   |   Pg no: 1272-1293   |   Published on: 23-10-2023


This study is mainly focus on pre and post-merger and acquisition of companies and their performance before five years of M&A and after five years of the M&A. this will helpful to entrepreneur to take decision in future that what kind of thing to be done first for M&A process of their companies or businesses. The Problem Area: In present scenario many merger and takeover took places specially in IT companies. To provide them authentic/ statistical information about positive or negative changes in market this study is important. It is very hard for all the stake holder to judge the co. performance from all angle. And statistics give us spectra analysis. Research Gap: This type of study till date not done by anyone in the area of pre and post-merger performance of various selected co Significances of the Study: To know the co. performance is as same as before merger and after merger or any kind of positive or negative changes happened statically. Objectives of the Study: To know the pre and post-merger performance of selected co. on the bases of authentic data collection and suitable statistical analysis of ten years. Sample Design: 15 companies taken for study purpose by using convenient sample methods in descriptive type of research design. Special five years’ performance before merger and five years’ performance after merger. Usefulness: Students, research scholars, and other stake holders also get right information and benefits through this paper.


Merger, Acquisition, Amalgamation, Pre, Post, IT Industries, Performance, Statistics Ratios.