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Vol 18, No 10 ( 2023 )   |  DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.10049854   |   Author Affiliation: PhD, University of Jeddah, College of Business, Saudi Arabia, Asfan Road.   |   Licensing: CC 4.0   |   Pg no: 641-658   |   Published on: 09-10-2023


Aims: Digital health is the use of digital technologies in health and healthcare systems to improve the performance of healthcare delivery by providing more customized and impeccable treatments. Thus, digital health entrepreneurs want to exploit information and communication technology to help solving health problems and challenges to ensure well-being among people in treatment. They contribute to create innovative digital health products or solutions and are promptly transforming the medical practices by shaping the relationship between health professionals and patients. This paper aims to outline the literature review regarding digital health entrepreneurship and to scrutinize different features of Digital Health Business Model. Digital health entrepreneurs conceive strong business models to exploit several ignored market opportunities. To be effective, the Digital Health Entrepreneur should deeply understand patients’ needs and wants for the potential expected value that he could create develop and control. The value proposition have to be attractive enough for each customer segment in the healthcare system in order to sustain the digital health business. Thus, to create a strong value proposition, the digital health entrepreneurs have to recognize their targeted customers’ traits, needs, expectations and wants. Therefore, patients have to be their own-doctor by being experts on their own health and they should find digital channels to be up to date. By being up-to-date on the appropriate use of technology as patients do, digital health entrepreneurs contribute in the establishment of a participatory medicine based on patient centric strategies to make life patients more easily and comfortable.


Digital Health, Digital Entrepreneurship, Business Model, Value Proposition Model.