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Vol 18, No 08 ( 2023 )   |  DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.8362978   |   Author Affiliation: 2 Universitas Nurtanio Bandung, Indonesia. *Corresponding Author Email: hidayat.dr@unnur.ac.id 1,2.   |   Licensing: CC 4.0   |   Pg no: 1846-1858   |   Published on: 31-08-2023


This study examines how the role of penta-helix actors can develop bamboo craft businesses. According to some

researchers, the Penta-helix model is ideal for advancing micro, small, and medium enterprises, and bamboo crafts

are classified as micro-small-medium enterprises. Research approach, qualitative with case studies. Descriptive

analysis techniques. The population is the entire Penta-helix actor: academia, the business world, government,

communities, and the media. Bamboo handicraft business analysis unit in Pasirjambu District, Bandung Regency,

West Java, Indonesia. Research informants were 12 people representing each penta-helix actor. The results showed

that the role of academics in developing bamboo handicraft businesses in Pasirjambu could have been more

optimal. This is due to the need for special education and training programs for bamboo artisans. Academics

recognize that the active role has yet to be fully carried out. Implementation of activities only on request; so is the

role of government. The government has made efforts to promote craftsmen, including micro, small, and medium

enterprises (MSMEs), in community handicraft exhibitions. However, the craftsmen stated that the government

needs to pay attention to them, which is meant to help business capital. Furthermore, the role of the business world

in the Pasirjambu area is that entrepreneurs have yet to help craftsmen, for example, becoming the adoptive father

of craftsmen or capital. So far, financial assistance for general public activities, so the craftsmen state that there

has yet to be concrete assistance from the business world. Subsequently, communities of bamboo lovers were

formed, but their activities could have been clearer. The craftsmen felt the community's contribution to advancing

the bamboo craft business was missing. Finally, media: The role of the media has been felt by craftsmen, namely,

with prospective buyers who get information from the media and buy bamboo handicraft products from

Pasirjambu craftsmen.


Penta-Helix, Bamboo Craft, Handicraft Business, Bamboo Business Development