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MALATHI. T 1, and VALLI. R 2.

Vol 18, No 09 ( 2023 )   |  DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.8394136   |   Author Affiliation: Assistant Professor, PG & Research, Department of Commerce, Poombuhar College, (Affiliated by Bharathidasan University) 1; PhD Scholar, PG & Research, Department of Commerce, Poombuhar College, (Affiliated by Bharathidasan University) 2.   |   Licensing: CC 4.0   |   Pg no: 889-897   |   Published on: 25-09-2023


This research study investigates the effectiveness of demographic-centric marketing strategies in promoting cashew nuts and examines the marketing strategies employed by cashew nut processing units in a designated study area. Additionally, it evaluates the extent to which digital marketing has been incorporated into the operations of these units. The study adopts a quantitative research approach, utilizing surveys and data analysis, spanning a three-month period from April 2023 to June 2023. Sampling 400 registered and 400 unregistered units through simple random sampling techniques ensures a balanced representation. Data is collected through structured questionnaires administered via face-to-face interviews, online forms, and telephone interviews following pilot testing for questionnaire refinement. The results highlight the significance of consumers' age in shaping their perception of cashew nuts, particularly among the younger age groups (16-25 years and 26-35 years). These demographics are more influenced by modern marketing strategies and technology, underscoring their importance in analyzing consumer perception. Regarding marketing strategies employed by cashew nut processing units, retailers emerge as the dominant distribution channel (67.50%), followed by wholesalers. Middlemen play a diminishing role, reflecting changing consumer behaviors driven by technological advancements in the rural context of Cuddalore. Price determination is shared between the government and local sellers (50% each). While adherence to Cashew Nut Union advice is limited, unity among local communities is recognized as essential. In terms of marketing strategies, digital platforms, especially social media, hold significant sway over traditional mediums such as newspapers and magazines. Social media's popularity can be attributed to widespread mobile phone access and increased comfort with platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and LinkedIn. These findings provide valuable insights into the marketing dynamics of cashew nuts and underscore the need for businesses to adapt to changing consumer preferences and technology trends in their marketing strategies.


Cashews, Marketing, Strategies, promotion, Panruti.