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Vol 17, No 08 ( 2022 )   |  DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.6966887   |   Author Affiliation: Universitas Panca Marga Probolinggo, Indonesia.   |   Licensing: CC 4.0   |   Pg no: 303-315   |   To cite: AZIS SETYAGAMA. (2022). POSITION OF A WIFE IN THE MARRIAGE LAW SYSTEM IN INDONESIA. 17(08), 303–315. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.6966887   |   Published on: 05-08-2022


The position of a wife in marriage law in Indonesia is regulated in Law no. 1 of 1974 concerning Marriage in which the position of a wife and husband is balanced in domestic life and social life together in society. And each party has the right to take legal action. The husband is the head of the family in the household while the wife is the housewife. A husband is responsible for making a living for the survival of the household while a wife has the responsibility of taking care of the household including serving her husband and taking care of the children. With the social and economic developments in Indonesia, the position of a wife has a dual role in addition to being a housewife and also playing a role in earning a living. The research used in writing this article is normative legal research on the current marriage law where the position of a wife is as a housewife, but the reality that exists in society is that many wives are breadwinners as a social change from traditional society to modern society. . The results of the research and analysis of the position of a wife show that many housewives have a dual role in addition to being housewives, they also have a role to earn a living, because labor conditions in Indonesia require a lot of female workers compared to male workers. So that it is difficult for a husband to get a job so that the position of the husband to earn a living is replaced by a wife.


Wife's Position, Marriage Law, Indonesia