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Vol 18, No 04 ( 2023 )   |  DOI: 10.17605/OSF.IO/F85ZD   |   Author Affiliation: Interior Design, Applied Arts, Central Technical University 1; Assistant Professor, Interior Design, Applied Arts, Central Technical University 2.   |   Licensing: CC 4.0   |   Pg no: 1026-1041   |   Published on: 21-04-2023


Interior design is among the most important episodes that enter into the core of the communication process, so that these episodes have become a wide field for research and investigation, so the formal structures and their impact on the interior design that establishes the formal structures and their design implications for the interior spaces, specifically in the interior design of Arab wedding halls, remain a basic necessity. In order to reach the best answers that researchers and workers in this field wonder about, so the need to study this topic was found by the researcher worthy of attention and research, and thus helps in establishing some theoretical foundations for the design processes. Therefore, it was necessary to come up with a position that clarifies the formal compositions and their impact on the interior design of Arab wedding halls, in a manner consistent with the specificity of the research topic consisting of (four chapters), which made it a fertile field for study in theoretical and analytical research. Therefore, the researcher found within the first chapter the formulation of the research problem, which is summarized in the following question: What is the role adopted by the design form in interior design? And what are its design implications?, while the importance of the research comes. The research study contributes to the clarification of the design and scientific terminology of the formal combinations and their design implications in the interior spaces. 2. Contribute to the possible ideas for the development of the interior spaces aesthetically and functionally by strengthening the aspect of the installations by relying on the design indications in the interior spaces of the Arab wedding halls. The research also contributes to laying theoretical foundations while clarifying the intellectual and practical aspects of the processes in the designs of Arab wedding halls, and what they have. Of benefit to the workers in this field, and in light of that, the researcher focused on the aim of the research through: the extent of the effect of formal structures on the perception of space and its feeling through its design implications for Arab wedding halls, as for the limits of the research, it was objectively determined by studying the formal structures and their design implications. In the internal spaces, while its spatial and temporal boundaries include the internal spaces represented by (Arab wedding halls), (implemented for the period 2010_2016 AD.). While the second chapter included a study based on a study A - formal combinations and their impact on interior design B - design indications in the interior spaces, while the third chapter has specialized in defining the topic of the research procedures represented by the research methodology based on the descriptive analytical approach. The research community has relied on the intentional selective method ... while the fourth chapter included Extracting the results of the research, the most important of which was the adoption of the interior designer to the diversity of formal combinations and their design indications and their impact on the interior spaces according to their location, which led to the diversity of their relationships, which achieved to show the diversified sequential interactions organized within a harmonious sequential context, as it showed the ability of the designer to bring about harmony Within the sequence in the structure of attraction transitions since the beginning of the idea that is the basis of the design act to turn later into a visual material synthesis, and the design taste was related to how to adapt the formal spatial relationship based on the spatial diversity that was related to the overall realization of the act related to the techniques of displaying the design output of the selected wedding halls.


Composition, Formal, Form